About The Hope Company

The Hope Company helps build a sense of communal hope and strength to support children who are fighting cancer.

To walk hand in hand with children and show them they are NOT alone, but supported by a community of loving well wishers who deeply care about their individual wellbeing.

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The Hope Company Projects

At The Hope Company, we believe in enriching relationships between people who have shared experiences. Please click here to view our different projects. Click here to learn more

Join The Hope Company

The Hope Company welcomes everyone that is passionate about volunteering. For a list of activities that we need help with, please check the Volunteer Application. Click here to register

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

"It takes a village". Truer words have never been spoken. The Hope Company is a catalyst for community-based programs that foster empathy, strength and support for our young warriors and their families. For partner and sponsor opportunities please contact us at support@thehopecompany.org