Executive Team

Meet Our Team

At The Hope Company, our team is passionate about fostering a sense of hope and strength across all strata of society. Just as cancer does not discriminate among children, neither does hope.

Madhu Lal-Nag

President and Founder

Madhu is driven by the desire to heal children, leaving no child alone in the fight for their lives. In her current role as Director of Translational Research at Day One Biopharmaceuticals and her previous roles at the FDA and NIH, she has seen and been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to participate in many aspects of drug discovery and therapeutic development catered to children. Having seen, firsthand, the power of hope and resilience in recovery, Madhu is determined to bring that power of hope to sick children everywhere to complement the healing that modern medicine can afford them.

Monideep Nag


Mo's journey to help the underprivileged began in middle school. This passion was fueled by work Mo did with various non-profit organizations (Sumil Shah Foundation, US Doctors for Africa, March of Dimes, etc.) over the years, serving in various capacities from volunteer to founder and board member. Mo brings over 30 years of technology management solutions across multiple industries to The Hope Company.

Caraline Hickman

Director of PR & Marketing

Caraline is a Marketing and PR professional with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification and experience, and a proven background in developing bespoke solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Caraline is well versed in utilizing demographic analysis, tracking market trends, and a combination of online and offline marketing to execute highly targeted campaigns. She is deeply motivated to use her professional expertise to develop solutions and speak out on behalf of people that don't have a voice.

Jamal Hinds

Director of Logistics & Planning

With over 15 years of tactical logistics experience, Jamal Hinds brings a high level of focus and attention to detail to every project he undertakes. Altruistic by nature, Jamal has a deep passion for learning and applying zealously all that he knows to better assist his customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Jamal’s enthusiasm and commitment to constant improvement enables him to help The Hope Company’s operations move smoothly and consistently.